I just love the Oregon Coast!

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach Oregon, Photo by Catherine Watson

CWO Design

I recently moved from one small town to another. Actually, this is the biggest small town I have live in for several years, population 3200. Yes, the biggest and the smallest was a little town of 900.

I moved to the beautiful mountain town of McCall Idaho in the latter part of September 2020 from a picturesque small beach community in Oregon, Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is a beautiful small beach community that caters to the a large tourist community. It is just under 2 hours from Portland and is connected along the Oregon coast with Seaside on the North and Manzanita on the South. If you take a road trip north or south 2 hours you will have an opportunity to sample excellent food, creative boutiques, the typical touristy places and of course, the most beautiful seascape..

As your travel north through Seaside, Warrenton, Astoria, you must stop and grab some delicious food in Astoria. It has so much history it is worth a few hours to explore and eat. Then, you need to head across that big 3 mile bridge to Washington state, make a left and visit all the little communities along the Long Beach Peninsula. My favorite little harbor with wonderful art galleries and excellent seafood restaurants is Ilwacco Harbor. Not just beautiful but also friendly. But I might warn you, don't turn up your nose at the crab smell, Crab Smells and there are days you cannot escape the very identifiable fragrance. And please, do not stop there, head up to Long Beach, and on to Oysterville. Oysterville is a very, very small historic town than is also very photogenic. It is worth the photo opp. or the Plan air painting opp. It is quaint and beautiful but no real businesses, just beauty.

Now, if you decide to head south, you have some lovely towns along the Oregon Coast. Not far south from Cannon Beach you will come across several viewing spots and I must say, stop! Take a few moments and take in the beauty and Coast Hwy descends down the coast to Manzanita, take a right at Manzanita and wonder through their shops and grab a cup of Capp. From Manzanita you will find yourself driving through several very, very small coastal communities. Please, do yourself a favor and stop at all of them. My favorite very little town is Wheeler; very small and very beautiful. Do me a favor, stop and say hi to Peggy at Wheeler Treasures. It is a very eclectic place and Peggy will make you feel like family. Your next stop will be a few more coastal communities and then a cheese tour at Tillamook Cheese factory. As you continue on from Tillamook, you will feel like you are in the pastures of Wisconsin. There are many scenic byways and side roads. Take them! If you have the time, I would land in Newport Oregon, but if not, Lincoln City is a good spot to stop, have dinner and turn around.

The Oregon Coast is the most beautiful place to visit, live, drive, camp, and relax. I Love the Oregon Coast! If you love it too, follow this link, I love the Oregon Coast and pick up some merch that I designed.

I could go on and on about the Oregon Coast and I will blog on each of these many little communities being I have explored many of them. There will be a day that I do just that. But till then, follow the links I have supplied you with and enjoy the many small towns along the Oregon Coast as well as just a little peninsula in Washington.

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