My little side trip was delightful; Westport Wa

Westport Washington Historic Museum: beautifully worn building in the center of town.

I live small community of Surfside WA, in the town of Ocean Park on the Long Beach Peninsula. Being in a small town/community, to shop you either go online or you drive 1-2 hrs to get what you need. On this day I decided to go to Aberdeen Wa and on the way home I took a little side route to the town of Westport. Much smaller than I expected but obviously a working fishing port with a lot of character. I totally enjoyed my time there cruising the walkway along the docks, stopping at a wonderful restaurant and just enjoying a peaceful Monday.

I do not know a lot about Westport but I know I would like to go back. It appears to be a nice spot for families and time to catch up with your significant other. I was by myself exploring but never felt alone. I truely loved this little fishing village, maybe next time I will rent one of the Westport Cottages on the harbor and enjoy the sites and sounds of a working harbor.

On this particular day this fishing boat unloaded a BoatLoad of Crab. Also, just across from the docks were a couple restaurants one of which I had to try; Aloha Alabama. Yes! It was delicious and it was a eatery I look forward visiting again.

Fresh food, 3 choices of BBQ sauce, and very sweet servers. Win Win...and views of the Habor.

This is a great little get away location. A must stop on your adventures if you are looking for that Small Town feeling...

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Beautiful landscapes, local events, small town historic spots and the stories that surround them.   And now, I am launching my own personal campaign to promote and bring exposure to these quaint small towns and the people who live there.  

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