Safe and Friendly Small Town Beach Communities

Cannon Beach

This past year I lived in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It is a very small town, lots of shops, cafes, hotels, vacation rentals and tourist. Outside a hotel I took this shot. I was impressed by the line up being I love my beach cruiser but what was so interesting about these bikes is that they were not locked up. Yes! a beach community that does not need to lock up their bicycles.

When it comes to these small towns I have found kindness and honesty. In fact, in a town just south of Cannon Beach, Manzanita, I was siting on a bench watching the surf drinking a cup of coffee and eating a pastry. After a bit I got up and walked a sort ways down the beach and then I was heading back up the street when my phone rang. I answered an unrecognizable number and the voice on the other end said, "Is this Catherine Watson?" I said, "Yes it is", He then said, "You left your wallet on the bench down by the beach. I have it and I will meet you in front of the market." I said, "Wow! Thank you! Ok!" This was more than 15 minutes did my wallet sit in plain site on the bench down by the beach. I chatted with this kind man without checking the contents of the wallet knowing that if he took anything from it, he would not have called me. My thought was, 'Only in a Small Town.'

Yes, visiting or living in a small town is an excellent experience. Before you say it, I know not all small town people are honest but I have found that those I have run into have been. Really, I am a Small Town Travel Geek.

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