Cannon Beach: One of the most beautiful small towns on the Oregon Coast

When I look at small towns, I look at their beauty and their friendliness. Cannon Beach is just that. For most of this year, 2017, I lived and worked in Cannon Beach at the Cannon Beach Conference center supervising the dinning rooms. To stand in one of the three dining rooms as the sun sets over the pacific is a very beautiful thing to behold. The sunsets do not disappoint.

Cannon Beach is quaint, friendly and a walking village. The famous Haystack Rock is seen from all directions along the coast and it a perfect place to view sea life.

I have attached a link to an article by Coastal Living that spells it out perfectly and I must say, Coastal Living is full of wonderful information about the Oregon Coast. by Gayle Christopher

This is why people flock to Cannon Beach, breathtaking views. This is a perfect place to visit. But I must warn you, it is crazy busy in the summer so I would suggest pre-Memorial Day or post-Labor Day. Dress warm, taste some wine, dine in a local cafe and ENJOY!

The famous Haystack Rock

This is the view from one of the dining rooms at CBCC.

To watch the snow fall in late Febuary was a beautiful thing to see...

it lasted most of the day.

It was a day that was filled with Gods Beauty.

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