Coffee Girls...a great local spot in Astoria, Oregon

Have you ever been told over and over again to go visit a quaint little spot and when you finally did, it was everything everyone had kept telling you about.

One of those great little gems is Coffee Girls on Pier 39 in Astoria. Weather it be sunny or rainy, Coffee Girls is a great place to stop off for a great cup of coffee, delicious pastry or a yummy cup of soup.

Coffee girls is also an adventure placed smack dab in the middle of the pier with several fishing companies and the Rogue brewery.

I am a quiche nut! I am always looking for the next best quiche and I have found one at the Coffee Girl. I love sitting on the patio along the Columbia River, sipping on an excellent cup of Cappuccino while I enjoy the special quiche of the day.

Pier 39

Look it up, check it out and go have a relaxing morning or afternoon.

Astoria has many wonderful little hide away's, this is one of my favorite.

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#CoffeeGirls #Astoria #Pier39

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