Do YOU Journal?

November 7, 2017

Do you Journal?

Journaling... I have journaled for years!  Growing up as a shy kid, it always helped.  Going through life changes, growing in age and dealing with adult things, I took to journaling often.  But, now?  I have not journaled like I use to.  I have asked myself, "Why?" and I think it is because I started journaling with my camera. 

I just reviewed some of  my photos back to 2010 and I must say, there is a story to be told around each and everyone one of them.  I have grown so comfortable with pulling out my camera and shooting moments in my life, even loading up a uhaul and moving from here to there. 

I started this Blog due to observations and life events.  Sometimes my observations could not be photographed so the blog worked for documenting those events.  Today I wondered across the photo I took as I ventured away from the part of Southern California I love, Carlsbad, CA.   On that day, I took a moment to take my last photo of the coastline I loved so much as heading out for new uncharted territory.  Yes, I have visited sense, but I believe I will never live there again.  It was my good bye photo... and here it is.





I remember how I felt that day.  I was excited to see what was ahead of me as I took a winter stop-over in Utah before I headed to my determined destination, the Oregon Coast.  And that was the beginning of my 2 year journey of finding a place to settle down and plant roots.  I spent that winter and the next winter living Utah and working in Park City.  I spent 2 summers living and working along the Oregon Coast: Newport, Seaside, Cannon Beach. And now I have landed  just a little north of Astoria Or and Surfside Wa. which is on the Long Beach Peninsula.  It is a very peaceful spot and I love the beauty that is all around me.  My daughter and her kiddos are settling down here too.  It is a wonderful place to land and base.

What I love about my wondering, exploring and my life is the adventure.  I walk every step  of my day (or I try to) and life trusting in the Lord and believing in his direction.  In Ro 8:28, the Bible says, "All things work together for good for those who love the lord and are called according to his purposes."  This has been my go to verse for years.  Life can be challenging, exciting, stressful and completely full of joy and in all things I trust the Lord.





So as I share just a couple of my current locations and living along the beautiful Long Beach Peninsula, let me encourage you to make note of your life weather it is by journaling or by photographing or by blogging.  It is important we know where we have come from and where we are going... I love looking back at my journals and my  photographs.  It is my story.  What is your story?

This Article is a great article on how journaling can and will change your life.  Check it out.

So my friend, it is time to write your story via Journaling.  

Get started now!



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Catherine Watson


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