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 More than 35 years ago I fell in love with the idea of being a photojournalist.   When I was in college I took a Photojournalism class learning all about 35 mm film, black and white photography and the dark room.  I was smitten.   

As life can often taking you down a different road,  I became a Wearable Artist designing and painting clothing:  C.Watson Originals.    I enjoyed creating and marketing  C.Watson Originals for more than 10 years.

Just a few years back I designed and marketing another artistic line of clothing, one of a kind jackets: C.Watson Original Design.  Although I loved creating this line of jackets, I launched it in a bad economy, 2011.  I still love this line but will put it aside for now.  

The years have passed by with lots of twists and turns but I always have loved the camera and looking through the lense of my camera taking photos that tell a story.  And now I feel is the perfect time to tell a story via Blogging.   So here I go working this craft and building my passion. 

I love small towns, traveling, telling a story and I love looking through the lens of my camera. Small Town Travel Geek is the start of following  my passion.  

Along with telling a story,  I have taken many photos that tell a story.  You will find them here on this site under PHOTO STOREPlease visit those pages and let me know what you think.  

Thanks for stopping by, this should be fun!.   


Catherine Watson
Ocean Park WA

I love looking through the lens of my camera.  Everywhere I go I look at the beauty around me and ask myself, "What kind of feeling does that Invoke?"

Beautiful landscapes, local events, small town historic spots and the stories that surround them.   And now, I am launching my own personal campaign to promote and bring exposure to these quaint small towns and the people who live there.  

Stay tuned...This should be fun!

Catherine Watson



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